THREE-DAY HEAT WAVE 15 Oct 1940. High temperatures were reported from places throughout the State. Sale recording 96deg and Echuca 94deg. 35.55 Celsius.

THREE-DAY HEAT WAVE (1940, October 15). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), p. 4. Retrieved October 5, 2021, from

Rain May Follow
Ending the hottest October spell on record in Melbourne yesterday’s cool change was expected to bring light rain but more warm weather is on the way. Blustering westerlies and north-west-
erlies blew great clouds of dust across the arid northern districts of Victoria and Riverina yesterday.
At times the wind reached gale force. Farmers in the north are worried by the failure so far of the much-needed rains that usually fall in October and prepare the country for sum-
mer conditions with the temperature rising yesterday to 95.3deg at 12 15-the highest for the
season in Melbourne-an all-time record had been set by three successive days on which more than 90deg was recorded in October Maximums for Saturday and Sunday were 92deg and 94.9deg.
High temperatures were reported from places throughout the State. Sale recording 96deg and Echuca 94deg.
Having produced light rain fairly generally over South Australian settled areas the cool change moved east with a promise of light rain over the southern half of the State and the possibility of some showers in the north followed by rising temperatures.
The higher temperatures during the week-end again caused the water consumption in Melbourne to rise considerably in the two days about 233,000,000 gallons were consumed on Saturday 115,000,000 gallons and on Sunday 118,000,000 gallons.
The normal consumption for this time of the year is about 90,000,000 gallons
Despite record-breaking October temperatures City Council baths will not open until the usual date November 1. This was decided by the council town hall and baths committee yesterday. The baths concerned are the Olympic swimming pool and North Melbourne and
Carlton Baths. The City Baths Swanston st. are open throughout the year.
Because of the particularly dry season forest areas were about as dry now as they normally would be in January Mr. M W Carver Forests Commission fire officer said last night
He urged the burning off of fire hazards provided the burner “picked his day” and did not burn in weather like that of the last week-end.