The Fahrenheit Temps. 116, 114, and 113 in the Banner Equal 46.6, 45.5 and 45 Degrees Celsius. Archived record temps of well over 50 degrees are often found.

In 1932 Co2 was around 300 ppm.

The purpose of this blog is simply to show historic heat and weather records from newspapers.

The records show that nothing happening in our climate is new, let alone alarming.

What is alarming was the number of deaths from heat apoplexy that were once common. Often by the dozen for a single heat wave.

Why would that be? You’ll find plenty of advice in the old articles to wear a hat, drink water, and keep out of the heat.

I’ll be posting historic records of heat, weather events, all kinds of storms and floods, as well as animal and bird deaths caused by heat which we never hear now about these days.

I don’t intend to do much more than post snippets from Trove at the National Library along with a link to the story for verification.

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