Tucson is the third-fastest-warming city in the U.S. Part 41 In The Rest Of The World Is Warming Up Twice As Fast As The Rest Of The World.


Tucson and Phoenix were the third- and fourth-fastest-warming cities in the United States over the past 48 years, a new analysis of weather data shows.

They were among 10 cities whose average annual temperatures rose more than 4 degrees over that period.

Also, Arizona’s 3.23 degree rise in annual average temperature made it the nation’s third-fastest-warming state from 1970 to 2018, the analysis by Climate Central finds. The nonprofit organization is comprised of scientists and journalists who study and report on changing climate trends.

The two fastest-warming cities in the U.S. from 1970 to 2018 were Las Vegas and El Paso, Climate Central found. Las Vegas’ average annual temperature rose 5.76 degrees.

Climate change worse everywhere than everywhere else