Great Lakes Warming Faster Than Rest Of U.S. Part 43 In The Rest Of The World Is Warming Up Twice As Fast As The Rest Of The World.

A report by more than a dozen Midwestern scientists has found the Great Lakes are warming faster than the rest of the U.S., and stresses urgent action from state and local lawmakers.

The report commissioned by the Environmental Law and Policy Center aims to inform policymakers on how climate change has altered and will continue to shape the Great Lakes region, which includes five lakes, parts of Canada, and eight states from Minnesota to New York. University of Illinois Professor Don Wuebbles is the report’s lead author.

“Like the rest of the United States, the Great Lakes region has extensively warmed over the last century, and much more warming in the Great Lakes region is projected over the rest of this century,” Wuebbles announces. “But climate change is much more than average temperature change. For the Great Lakes region there is also significant concern about the increasing intensity of severe events.”

Climate change worse everywhere than everywhere else