COLD MONTH. (1916, December 2). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), p. 14. Retrieved November 6, 2020, from

The month of November was remarkable for the almost unprecedented spell of unseason-
ably low temperature in New South Wales, the cool conditions of the previous month being continued, with only occasional intervals of normal weather.
Violent winds were a feature of the first period, and they attained gale force along the coast. Many destructive hail-storms also were reported and falls of snow were experienced on the southern highlands.
The Antarctic depression which reached this State about the middle of the month assumed
a cyclonic formation, and its passage was marked by widespread rainfall and by further and heavier falls of snow on the highlands.
Temperatures receded to below freezing point at several places on the tablelands, and at
Crookwell 10 degrees of frost were registered.
During November the rainfall exceeded the average throughout almost the whole State, the only parts to report deficits being areas around Wanaaring and Broken Hill, and isolated places elsewhere.
The shortages were mostly very small in amount in Sydney the total rainfall was above normal in most of the metropolitan area, but in the city the registration of 263 points was 18 points less than the November average.
In Sydney the month just closed was the coldest November since 1887 but the corresponding months of 1883, 1873, and I860 were colder.