A HEAT WAVE. 26 Nov 1900. SHADE READING OF 104DEG. IN BENDIGO. = 40 degrees Celsius.

A HEAT WAVE. (1900, November 26). The Bendigo Independent (Vic. : 1891 – 1918), p. 3. Retrieved November 21, 2020, from https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/181026215#

The long run of pleasant Spring weather enjoyed for the past two or three months was rudely broken on Saturday when the sun blazed forth in summer strength and sent the thermometer up to 100.2deg. in the shade at the Camp Reserve Observatory. Mr. J.B. Edwards register, how- ever being only 95deg.
Yesterday proved even hotter, the highest reading at the Observatory being 104deg. equal to a sun reading of about 165deg. The weather turned very close and oppressive in the afternoon. In the evening a strong wind causad a severe dust storm, but the wind subsequently veered around to the south, and the night became much cooler.
The heat wave appears too have been pretty general throughout the colony.
In Melbourne, on Saturday, the temperature was 96.1 deg. in the shade and 148.3 in the sun.
The readings at Mr. J.B. Edwards ‘ on Saturday were. Thermometer: 9a.m. 75deg. 12 a.m., 93deg. , 3p.m., 95deg, 6p.m., 87deg ; minimum, 62deg.