AUTUMN HEAT. 95.9 DEG IN PERTH. 19 April 1945. All-time Late April Record. 95.9 Deg F. 35.5 Celsius in April. No March or April heat waves found in Australia since 1950.

AUTUMN HEAT. (1945, April 19). The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 – 1954), p. 4. Retrieved April 27, 2021, from

All-time Late April Record.
Abnormally hot weather has been experienced in Perth this month and yesterday the mercury soared to a maximum of 95.9deg-19.8deg above the April normal and an all time record for so late in the season.
With a light wind blowing mostly from the northeast (until the arrival of the sea breeze) there
was fortunately only low humidity and the weather was not as trying as it has been on some other days this month when temperatures have been lower.
The dry heat yesterday made conditions bearable and many people were surprised to learn that the temperature was so excessive.
Hourly readings at the Perth
Observatory from 7 am to 5 pm were:
7 am… 66.8deg 1 pm. . . 93.7deg
8am… 73.0deg 2 pm … 95.5deg
9 . .. 78.6deg 2.40 pm . 95.9deg
10 am: . 84.7deg 3 pm . .. 95.9deg
11 am… 88.degs 4 pmm .. 86.5 deg
noon . .. 91.2deg 5 pm .. 83.8deg
“This unusual heat wave concentrated its viciousness in the metropolitan area,” said the Divisional Meteorologist (Mr A. G. Akeroyd) last night, “and Perth was the hottest place south of Winning Pool.
Other high readings were 93deg at York, 92deg at Kellerberrin, and 88deg at Geraldton and Southern Cross.
Marble Bar reported a maximum of 101deg and Onslow 96deg”
That Tired Feeling.
Yesterday was the hottest day in Perth since February 2, when the city had its fourth century this summer with a maximum temperature of 104deg.
The record high maximum in Perth for April is 99.7deg–recorded on April 9, 1910.
For the second half of the month, however, yesterday’s high reading is unprecedented. The nearest approaches to such heat, said Mr Akeroyd, were
95.4deg on April 21, 1881, and 95deg on April 18, 1889,
and April 18, 1918.
People who have complained of a general feeling of lassitude this month have had good grounds for their listless outlook.
On 14 out of the first 18 days that have passed temperatures have been above normal, the average maximum so far being 82.14deg compared with the normal April maximum of 76.1deg.