There was a time when leftists actually opposed coal mine closures. Tim Blair



An existing coal mine near Lithgow has plans to restart operations after five years – including increasing its extraction rate by half a million tonnes a year …

The Angus Place Colliery, in Lidsdale, near Lithgow, has been in ‘care and maintenance’ mode since 2015, but operators Centennial Coal want to get the plant back up and running.

The company also wishes to extend its mining area by almost 100 hectares, and add 150 full-time workers to the operation.

The reopened mine would join others helping restore Lithgow’s economy, which is largely dependent on mining:

“These mines have terrific economic benefits to the local area and also to the region,” former mayor Maree Statham said.

“The 2011 Census revealed that 11.6 per cent of total employment within the Lithgow LGA was provided through the mining industry compared to just 0.6 per cent across NSW.”

But who cares about something so inconsequential as mere regional employment? Not any of these Gaia botherers:

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW said they weren’t satisfied that the “impacts of mining activities could be managed and mitigated to an acceptable degree” …

The Blue Mountains Conservation Society raised issues of waterway pollution, streambed cracking, and shrub swamp desiccation as some of the reasons they were opposed to the proposal.

The Lithgow Environment Group is also opposed to the proposal.

The Australia Institute, a Canberra-based think tank, said “the economic assessment of the Angus Place coal project heavily overstates the benefits of the project and at the same time understates the costs”.

There was a time when leftists actually opposed coal mine closures.


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