REMARKABLE OCTOBER HEAT. 27 Oct 1914. 102 deg F = 38.8 Celsius

NEWS AND NOTES. (1914, October 27). Warracknabeal Herald (Vic. : 1914 – 1918), p. 5. Retrieved October 26, 2021, from

Further evidence of the most extraordinary meteorological conditions of the year 1914 has been given during the past week, when the maximum shade temperature every day has been considerably over normal spring readings.
Starting on Wednesday last the reading at Faull’s was 90 degrees, and on succeeding days the weather became aggressively hot for this time of the year.
On Thursday the thermometer registered 94 1/4 degrees, Friday 96, Saturday 102, and Sunday 101.
So pronounced was the heat on the last two days mentioned that many people were almost prostrated by this latest act of vindictiveness on the part of the clerk of the weather.
Such scorching days as we have experienced are exceptional for October. Last year the highest reading for that month in Warracknabeal was 90 degrees on October 11th.
The first really hot day was experienced on November 29th, when the shade reading was 102.
Going back to October, 1912, the records show that the month was comparatively cool. The highest point reached was 96 degrees on October 30th.
Bad as was last week’s weather upon, citizens in good health, it was more severely felt by those who are suffering from the distressing complaint of influenza, which appears to be more virulent than usual this year.
In Melbourne Saturday was the hottest day ever experienced in October. Shortly after noon the temperature recorded at the Observatory was 96.4.
The previous highest record for the month was 96.1 on October 30,1885.
A cool change which arrived on Sunday evening came as a great relief, though the absence of rain was disappointing. There were hopes that we might have a thunder storm to provide drinking water.
Up till last week some scattered crops throughout the district promised moderate returns, but the effect of the intense heat upon them can be easily imagined. It is interesting to learn that some farmers have been able to cut a little hay in a year when the failure of the season has been widespread.
Yesterday, afternoon the weather was again oppressive, and light rain fell.