Phenomenal Temperature. 11 Jan 1896. 1878, 117.1deg F = 47.2 Celsius.

Phenomenal Temperature. (1896, January 11). Windsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW : 1888 – 1961), p. 6. Retrieved January 13, 2022, from

MR. Tebbutt writes :—
The extraordinary temperature of the present summer verifies the conclusion at which I arrived
some months ago.
When an extraordinarily cold winter—such a one, for instance, as that which we experienced last year—occurs, it will usually be found to be preceded or followed by an extra-ordinarily warm summer.
As the summer of 1894-5 was not a remarkably hot one, we now get the compensation of excessive heat which usually follows the experience of excessive cold. Yesterday, January 6th, the shade temperature at this Observatory was, at 9 o’clock a.m., 97.7 degrees.
The maximum for the day was 116.8 degrees, provisionally corrected, which is the highest
attained since 1878, when the recorded maximum was 117.1 degrees. As it may be interesting to your readers, I append the following statement of the years in which at Windsor since 1862 the shade temperature has attained to 113 degrees.
The reading attached to each year is the maximum
recorded for that year:—
1863, 113.4 ;
1866, 113.4;
1867, 113.0;
1868, 113.6;
1876, 113.9;
1878, 117.1;
1882, 114.0;
1884, 113.1;
1896, 116.8.
The Observatory, Windsor, Jan. 7, 1896.