BACK TO FURS. (1931, August 26). Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 – 1954), p. 4 (DAILY.). Retrieved November 18, 2020, from

London, a city of snow, with fur clad inhabitants relying upon giant aircraft to supply its food.
England a country of frozen rivers and the Pennine Chain deep ravined with yawning ice chasms, the home of bears and other Arctic life.
A country of two seasons, one wet and tolerably warm, the other bitterly cold.
This is the picture of Britain in the not-so-very-distant future, painted by Professor Knut Holmundsen, the famous Danish meteorologist, in a special interview with a representative of “Reynolds News.”
“There is no doubt,” the Professor said, “that the climate of Great Britain has undergone a great change during this century. I have visited England for two or three months of every year for more than 30 years.
“I can recall a time when your summer was so hot that people wore linen sun hats and draped their horses’ heads with rhubarb leaves; when it was considered foolish to go out without a hat, for fear of sunstroke.
“And I remember winters when my friends had to clear a way from their front door to the street—the snow was so deep.
“Have you noted your birds? Every spring the swallows, swifts, and martins are getting more scarce—I recall when every house had them under the eaves.’ Then the cuckoo-lie is getting quite a rare bird nowadays.
“This is the second week of June, and I’ve seen very few roses yet.
Years ago England was a veritable rose garden at this time. “I do not know whether the Gulf Stream is cooling or veering out of its ancient course, but something is influencing your climate tremendously.
“The seasons are no longer so clearly defined. You get days in December as warm as some you have in May, and your April-which used to be so lovely and so essentially English– now has days cold enough for December.
“You know, people say the straw hat is out of fashion. It isn’t. If England had the same summer as she did 20 years ago-you’d soon see straw hats again.
“Although your winters are so mild, your summer is also getting lower it temperature every year. This would seem to indicate that the tendency climatically is for a levelling out of the all-the-year-round temperature. Throughout the ages, from the Glacial period onward, trees that have undergone a complete change of climatic conditions have shown the same tendency before dropping to Arctic conditions.
“I am not alone among scientists when I predict that a hundred years hence Great Britain will approximate in climatic conditions to Greenland and Iceland, and that the population of these Isles will revert perforce to furs, the eating of heavy fats, such as blubber—in fact, the inhabitants will live under much the same condition as the Eskimos do now.
“Of course, things will not be so primitive, for there is always the progress of science adding day by day to human comfort. And there is the possibility that by then man will have marched so far forwards along the path of knowledge that he will be able to more or less command the weather. For there is no apparent limit to the powers of electricity and radium, and these two servants will be called upon by the scientist to perform more marvels than I, for one, dare to contemplate.
“The recent earth tremor felt in this country has bewildered scientists and has led people furiously to think. The world marches on, and as we busy ourselves with our scientific inventions all sorts of phenomenal things are happening under the crust of the old earth.