SYDNEY ESCAPES HEAT WAVE 27 Dec 1945. In Melbourne the highest reading was 104.2 degrees, and in Hobart 101 degrees. 104.2 deg F = 40.1 Celsius.

Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), 27 December, p. 1. , viewed 27 Dec 2021,

Sydney appears to have escaped the heat wave which scorched Victoria and parts of Tasmania during the Christmas holidays.
Maximum temperature in Sydney yesterday was 77.8 degrees at 1.35 pm., but in Melbourne the highest reading was 104 2 degrees, and in Hobart 101 degrees.
A hot north wind has accompanied high temperatures in Victoria for several days. To-day the wind blew in gusts at 60 miles an hour.
Bushfires broke out and ravaged grass and timber areas, but caused no loss of life. Only two small holiday homes were destroyed.
Late yesterday afternoon a cool change arrived from the west and the temperature in Melbourne dropped to 84.1 degrees in five minutes. The change in the wind enabled the bush
fires to be brought under control.
The highest temperature in New South Wales yesterday was 102 degrees, recorded at Wentworth.
The next highest was 100 degrees, recorded at Bourke and Broken Hill.
Morning temperatures were mild, the lowest minimum being 45 degrees at Crookwell.
Sydney’s minimum temperature was 64.9 degrees at 4.20 a.m. yesterday.
Humidity was slightly higher than on Christmas Day.
Conditions were fine over the whole State at 3 p.m. with scattered clouds on the North Coast and extreme south-west part of the State. A cold south west change was expected to reach the south-west districts overnight, and gradually spread eastwards to-day.
Only scattered light showers were expected to accompany the change.
Perth had the coldest Christmas Day, and the wettest Christmas Eve on record.
Maximum temperature yesterday was 67.4 degrees.